Remembering the Titanic with Period Jewelry

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Like other pieces in Jewelry Television's Titanic jewelry collection, this onyx pendant was named for a real Titanic passenger, Irene Cabaret

Knoxville, TN–The tragedy unfolding with the cruise ship Costa Concordia in Giglio, Italy, cannot help to bring to mind one of the greatest maritime disasters of all time: when the purportedly “unsinkable” RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and  sank, taking with her some 1,503 souls.

Long the subject of documentaries and feature films, the Titanic will be in the news even more this year, which marks the 100th anniversary of the disaster on April 15.

Coinciding with the anniversary, Jewelry Television partnered with the Titanic Museum Attraction on an exclusive collection of jewelry fashioned after Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Victorian pieces that might have been worn by some of the Titanic’s well-heeled passengers.

The first collection launched on air Tuesday night with 20 designs each named in honor of actual passengers who were aboard the Titanic. Examples include “Dorothy Gibson’s American Beauty Rose,”“Madeleine Astor’s Edwardian Princess Collection,” and “Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon’s Couture Cameo Collection.” Retails range from $25 to more than $60.

Pieces Named For Actual Passengers

Madeline Astor necklace, based upon an Edwardian design

In addition, viewers heard Jaynee, the Titanic Museum Attraction’s “First Class Maid,” share fascinating true stories of the amazing women the jewelry collection honors.

“We know that the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s maiden voyage is going to draw unprecedented world-wide attention this year,” said Dan Chase, vice president of merchandising at Jewelry Television.(“This is a perfect partnership between the world’s most respected Titanic museum attraction and one of the world’s top jewelry retailers.”

The launch of the new Titanic Jewelry Collection is “just one more way we keep their stories alive by telling them to a new generation,” Chase said.

Dorothy Gibson’s American Beauty Rose brooch

Located in Branson, Missouri, the Titanic Museum Attraction gives its visitors a “real life” experience by letting them walk through replica hallways, parlors, cabins and the Grand Staircase just like the passengers once did, complete with more than 400 artifacts directly from the ship. Visitors can touch a real iceberg, walk the Grand Staircase and third class hallways, reach their hands into 28-degree water, and try to stand on the sloping decks. They learn what it was like on the RMS Titanic by experiencing it first-hand.

“First Class Maids” and a variety of officers and crew members recall the stories of the fabled ship and its fascinating passengers by retelling their stories in vivid, dramatic detail.



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