Ready for Your Dragon Tattoo?

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Rooney Mara as "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

Los Angeles–You’ve all read the book (as in All. Of. You.), now you’re all going to see the movie.

With the American version of Swedish murder/revenge sensation The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opening December 21, we’re projecting a counter-cultural mini punk resurgence—Lady Luxe fashion trends be damned.

Relative newcomer Rooney Mara, in what will surely be one of Hollywood’s most dramatic career-making roles, is already making the fashion magazine cover circuit in all her pierced, tattoed, eyebrow shaved, glory.

Hollywood has never had a heroine like this, and we’re anticipating some Lisbeth Salander wannabes to spring from the sidelines, at least in toned down form. Look for razor blade necklaces, jewelry piercings (face and body), bone jewelry, motorcycle boots and jackets, and lots of punked-out hair.

And as Dragon Tattoo is just the first in the Millennium trilogy, this look isn’t going anywhere soon.

Tattoo parlors would be wise to step up their assortment of dragons.