Rate a Retailer: Zagat’s Latest Quest

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New York—“How am I doing?” former New York City Mayor Ed Koch used to ask all the time. Of course Hizzoner wanted to know how he was doing as mayor.

But it’s an appropriate question this month as Zagat Survey, best known for their annual restaurant ratings guide, asks consumers to participate in its National Retail Shopping Survey.

Similar to its restaurant guide, the Retail Survey asks consumers to rate their favorite—and least favorite—retailers. This year, the survey has been expanded to include everything from high-end designer stores to mall favorites, discount giants, wholesale clubs, mass merchants and to even home goods and hardware stores.

Ratings are based on Quality, Display and Service along with the average price point (ranging from “inexpensive” to “very expensive”). The survey will also include lists of retailers known for value, customer loyalty, sales, promotions and more.

Not only does Zagat want consumers to complete the survey by April 16, the company also wants some choice comments from consumers, just like those found in its restaurant guides.

Consumers who complete the survey before April 16 will be entered into Zagat’s Witty Surveyor Contest, where the most clever, pithy reviews will win a $100 MasterCard gift card to shop wherever they please.

The survey is open to any one who shops. To participate, go to www.Zagat.com/vote and click on the National Retail link. There are also some additional questions such as “least favorite item to try on,” pet peeves while shopping, etc.

The survey results will be published later this year.