Rafe and His Muses Pay Homage to NYC

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Rafe NYC Muses BagsNew York—Rafe (hearts) New York!

Handbag designer Rafe kicked off New York Fashion Week last Tuesday with a charming event presenting his NYC Muse bags, inspired by New York City.

The five handbags were inspired and co-created with fashion industry insiders Whitney Port (“The Hills” reality star-turned-designer), Mimi Lombardo (Travel + Leisure), Ann Caruso (fashion stylist), Lindsey Calla (Saucy Glossie blogger) and Bryn Poulos (Accessories Editor for Marie Claire). Each bag and featured each girl’s respective favorite quote and fabrics that represented her individual style.

We personally loved Lindsey Calla’s tweed version and have now found ourselves quoting Mimi Lombardo “In New York we say YES then figure it out later.” We couldn’t agree more, Mimi!


From left: Lindsey Calla, Mimi Lombardo, Bryn Poulos, Rafe Totengco

From left: Lindsey Calla, Mimi Lombardo, Bryn Poulos, Rafe Totengco

The party itself was New York-themed all the way from the décor to the Big Apple martinis and pretzels being passed. “New York is a constant source of inspiration for me” says Rafé, “We have everything and more. When people ask me what I love about New York I most often reply: ‘I met me in New York.’ Everyone I know has moved here to follow their dream.”

Mimi Lombardo and Rafe Muse bag

Bagels put guests in a New York state of mind

Bagels put guests in a New York state of mind

The evening was a lovely reminder of all the things that we, too, love about New York and how much we depend on it for constant motivation and encouragement. Bravo to Rafé for interpreting one of the best cities in the world into a wearable accessory!

Sorry, these bags are not for sale but you can bid on them at auction.

Only two of each bag was produced, one was gifted to the muse and the others are currently being auctioned off via Charity Buzz. The bags retail value is $500 each and all of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. As a special treat for the lucky winners, each handbag is filled with a NYFW Survival Kit including a limited edition pouch with Rafé’s favorite quote “I met me in NewYork” and all the essentials to survive fashion week.

The auction has already started so click here for a for a piece of the action.


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