This is What the Queen Keeps Inside Her Handbag

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The Queen’s iconic handbag is far more than just an accessory – it’s a treasure trove of trinkets and everyday essentials that one may need during public events.  Queen Elizabeth only uses bags made by the brand Launer after they first sent her one of their styles in 1968, and the company was given the Royal Warrant shortly afterwards. Prices start at $1050. But that’s not all her handbag is good for – the monarch has developed a subtle way of informing her staff of her feelings and plans using her handbag. She simply uses it to give signals and send secret messages which inform her staff of when she requires their assistance.
Royal historian Hugo Vickers told People that when she shifts her bag from one hand to the other, this is an indication the royal is ready to end a chat. It’s also been said the Queen will place her bag on a table at events to signal that she’s ready to leave. Read more at Honey

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