Put A Ring on it: Finger Fashion for Summer

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I am not a fan of rings but my sister owns a lot of them and summer we are destined to wear just as many as my sister (especially if you are getting married which I guess would be the only ring I have to wear all the time). Here are  some of the ring trends that we are seeing this summer that are affordable:

Stacking rings are easy with so many styles to choose.

Stack-able rings

If you love the look of multiple rings on one finger then this is the trend for you. These rings are designed to inter-lock into each other in various shapes but wearing your own thin rings on one finger may be easier then looking for this trend in mainstream stores this summer.

Classical/causal: If you can afford to invest go for plain gold or silver rings with minimal detail (1,2 or 5)

Rock/punk: Stack enamel rings in bright colors or center stud rings (9)

Romance/Vintage: Center stone rings in round or square. ( 3 or 6)

Glam: Crystal rings (7)

Spring/Summer 2013 Balenciaga

Bold Heavy metal rings

This trend is not for the faint-of-heart. More suited to rockers and punks, others can rock this trend by purchasing large rectangle rings with various accents. This trends is a little on the pricey side, so look for thick metal styles separately that you can pair together rather than buying them in a pack or pair.

Classic/causal: Try standard gold bands with engraving detail.

Rock/punk: Enameled for punk, silver thick bands for rockers.

Vintage/Romance: Do not Attempt.

Glam: Thick metal rings with crystal accents.

Beaded Rings

This ring trend has been on the shelves of mainstream stores forever and now you can wear them and be in style. We love the fact that these rings are always adjustable meaning that you can work them into the stacking ring trend and add to any finger.

Classic/casual: Try textured metal styles.

Rock/punk: Try studded or colored enamel.

Romance/Vintage: Try floral or animal motifs

Glam: Crystal or stone accents like the one above.






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