Purple Pride

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Yoga in the Parkcentral park yogaworkout in the parknyc parks central park workoutsyoga in the park nyc yogayoga in the park LOCATION: Central Park, NYC
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It’s time for yoga in the park, Sporties! I’ve been to adding more outdoor strength-training and core-building into my workout regime now that summer is here and it’s super easy to just grab a mat and go. I’ve been a runner for over 10 years and it can sometimes take a toll on my joints, so it’s important for me to counter-train to build and strengthen my leg muscles along the way. That said, I’m also adding more lunges and squats into the mix and I feel stronger everyday. So, you can totally stick with your fave go-to sweat-seshes, but once a week try to change-up your moves and target different body parts that you tend to ignore. And, new surroundings every-so-often are always a game changer! Stay fit, stay strong!