Promote “Made in NYC” at Retail and Wholesale Level

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New York–Are you a New York retailer who aims to carry locally manufactured merchandise? Are you a designer looking to spread the word that your line is made in New York? Download the “Made in NYC” logo for free and use it on your labels, packaging and marketing material. While you’re at it, check out “Made in NYC,” an initiative that gives manufacturers a place to list their products online and offers buyers a place to find local suppliers.

The Made in NYC initiative is part of the New York Industrial Retention Network, which has been in business since 1997 and supports New York businesses in the five boroughs. What’s newest, however, is a new Green Product index, where users can search companies by product, materials or process.  “We are not a certification company, however,” statest manager Tzipora Lubarr, but adds that the site draws 2,000 users a month, from retailers and manufacturers who come to source all the way down the supply chain.

Made in NYC is also a sponsor of the upcoming Independent Handbag Designer Awards held this summer.

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