[pre]COTERIE Raises the Bar on Experiential Trade Shows

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[pre]COTERIE The Coterie Experience

Rendering of The Coterie Experience

Everyone talks about experiential retail, but June’s new [pre]COTERIE show is leading the charge on experiential wholesale.

Launching June 10-12 at the Javits, the new [pre]COTERIE show brings back and enhances the popular, interactive Coterie Experience, which launched in February. This time around, Coterie partnered with experiential retail design expert Valentino Vettori, to make [pre]COTERIE an even more unforgettable experience for both retailers and brands, both at the show and for the future in terms of takeaway ideas.

“The future of retail is all about the experience. Not just an incredible aesthetic, but the whole environment,” says Vettori. “We want this trade show to not be just about the booth, but a whole experience. We want retailers to leave with ideas they can create in their stores or windows.”

[pre]COTERIE The Coterie Experience

Rending of the 5 main teepees at the show’s entrance

While retailers probably won’t incorporate the complete 30-foot high, 5-tent village with hand-painted teepees they’ll see upon entering the Javits, they will certainly be inspired by the beautiful hand-painted flowers and butterflies, with plenty of decor ideas to appropriate once back at their stores.


Mirrored prism offers a kaleidoscope effect of exploded flowers

Each tent will host a unique, memorable and immersive experience inside, featuring areas for inspiration, intimate networking and relaxing between appointments. Some will feature augmented reality where participating brands can offer a more immersive experience to retailers who pop in.

“Floor-to-ceiling art installations and immersive displays that combine branded content with inspiring décor will transport buyers and press. The themes of growth, change and disruption are conveyed via butterflies and vibrant exploding florals,” says UBM Fashion Director and Vice-President Danielle Licata.

One teepee will feature all accessories, showcasing a highly curated assortment of merchandise.

An interactive app will also offer attendees a new way to experience the retail store, and within this program visitors can interact with product, digital catalogs, educational videos and more.


Florals on black ground create a moody atmosphere


Rendering of the mirrored floral room with exploding florals

In case you were wondering, the wonderful exploding florals you’ll see in the actual presentation were created in a studio by freezing blooms in liquid nitrogen and smashing them together for a one-chance-only photographic opportunity. “It’s all about showing beauty in a new way,” notes Vittori.

While the above renderings will provide a taste of what is to come, swing by the show and experience them in person.

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