Powerful Documentary Reveals “True Cost” of Fashion

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While hard to face, the fashion industry is being forced to confront what is truly considered the “true cost” of inexpensive, fast-fashion. A powerful, goose-bumps-while-you-watch documentary called The True Cost juxtaposes fashion runway footage and fancy shops with filthy sweatshops, factory catastrophes, tough labor conditions and more.

Directed by Andrew Morgan, The True Cost focuses on the human and environmental impacts of fast fashion and asks: ‘who really pays the price for our clothing?’

The documentary analyzes a few cited key issues: that we have seen a 500% increase in clothing consumption in the past two decades; how the U.S. went from producing over 90% of its clothing in the 1960s to just 3% today; and how we can create a better future moving forward.

Yet all is not grim. The film also shows how some designers, executives, activists and journalists are pushing for an ethical and sustainable future for global fashion.

The True Cost will be released in theaters in New York (IFC Center), Los Angeles (Laemmle Music Hall) and other markets and simultaneously will be released on VOD platforms and DVD/Blu-ray (at www.truecostmovie.com).

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