Posh Purses: Victoria Beckham Plans Handbag Line

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Victoria Beckham, who's own handbag collection is valued at more than $2 million, plans her own handbag collection

London—Victoria Beckham, who reportedly has amassed an “it” handbag collection worth more than $2 million, is the latest celebrity planning her own handbag collection.

Beckham–wife of soccer superstar David Beckham and the Spice Girl known as “Posh” for her extravagant fashion tastes—is expanding her fashion empire with a handbag collection of her own with design assistance from Katie Hillier, the accessories designer who has created signature bags for Marc Jacobs, Luella and Stella McCartney.

A spokesperson for Beckham confirmed Monday: “There is a bag line in development. Katie has consulted on the technical aspects of bag construction in line with her experience in the industry.”

But make no mistake about it, says Posh’s spokesperson: “This collection is not a collaboration. As with all her ranges, Victoria has sought the best consultants to ensure the highest level of quality at manufacturer for her designs.”

Longtime ‘It’ Bag Lover

While specific launch date has been yet to be revealed, British tabloid reports speculate that Beckham decided to do her own handbag line since whatever handbags and accessories she wears get so much attention. Beckham, who reportedly owns 100 Hermes Birkin bags, is supposedly fed up with helping other designers’ accessories sales increase because she wears their designs. One of the most photographed women in the world, Beckham has been shot carrying Birkins in every color and material as well as other designer “it” bags.

Earlier this year, British tabloids poked fun at the 36-year-old mother and business entrepreneur’s fondness for her handbags, even reporting that she employs a personal assistant just to tote around her handbag when she’s traveling or shopping.

Last week, La Beckham supposedly tapped her husband to help design a new menswear line, but her company denied the rumor.