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Los Angeles–Who doesn’t own a pair of UGGs? Apparently a quarter of American women do, based on a survey conducted by They are warm and comfortable, but unfortunately, they all look the same. Why should they be boring? This thought inspired Tina Betrus, chief executive/ founder of Mirabella, to create an accessory that can make UGGs (or other shearling boots) stand out from the rest.

“Mirabella allows women of all ages to create fresh, new, individualized looks for their boots,” says Betrus.

She was inspired to create the brand in 2012 after seeing how many plain sherling boots her young daughters and friends had lined up in her foyer. Betrus wanted to find a way to differentiate the boots and add some flair.

“I always encourage my daughters to be independent and be themselves, and Mirabella is another way they can do that,” says Betrus. “The name, Mirabella means ‘look beautiful’ and our tagline, BEYOUtiful ties right into that.”

With Mirabella, UGG owners can personalize their boots with interesting patterned accessories that fit around the top half of the boot. The Mirabella collection offers various products including Slouchies, Skinnies, Splashies and Big Guys which can be purchased separately ranging in price from $15.95 to $34.95, or in a “kit” that has coordinating products to mix-and-match.

With cute names, Mirabella offers a whole layering system. The Skinnies are the base layer, usually in a solid color, and the Big Guys fit over it. The boot “wraps” or Big Guys, come in denim with embellishment, lace up, prints on fabric, metallic and more. Slouchies are like the Skinnies, but a scrunched version. Splashies are accessories that put the final touch on the boot – usually a tassel that clips to the Big Guys.

Mirabella can also be worn as legwarmers, or over the top of leather boots. The Slouchies and Skinnies are reversible, having two different patterns or colors in one. They are one size fits most, so no need to order by shoe size. The product works for all ages. dylan_1fringe_tassel_side_view


Want to see more? Here’s a video on How to Bella

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