Perfect Match? Lux Accessories Sees Opportunity in nOir Jewelry

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New York—When you’re walking about matching up two successful jewelry companies, it’s often a case of more “mix” than “match.”


Modernistic collar necklace

Not so with International Inspirations (Lux Accessories) recent acquisition of nOir Jewelry.

On the surface, the two companies couldn’t seem more dissimilar. Lux, founded in 2005 by husband-wife team Shaya and Mandy Reiter, has become a leading force in fashion jewelry, booking nearly $50 million a year in sales mostly to mid-tier specialty chain stores.

Started in 1994, nOir gained a following among better specialty stores and boutiques for its creative interpretations in an “urban modern glamour” style, many miniature works of art that garnered a following among celebrities such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Then there were collaborations with Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Betsey Johnson, Patricia Field and Moschino among others.

Mutually Beneficial

Both companies, however, were looking to go to the next level. Lux had just completed an upgrade in its operations and was looking to expand into branded business. NOir sought to expand its existing business expanding into private label.

After accountants for both companies chatted and connected the dots, the rest, as they say, is history.

nOir's new Back to Black collection pays tribute to original looks with jet black plating and CZs

nOir’s new Back to Black collection pays tribute to original looks with jet black plating and CZs

“We feel the Lux and nOir brands complement each other and each bring different assets , experiences and contracts that will be beneficial to the growth of both brands,” said Shaya Reiter chief executive.

Not only did Lux buy nOir’s company, but the Reiters brought in nOir’s 14-employee staff and kept on Leeora Catalan, nOir’s founder, as creative director. Furthermore, attention to manufacturing and materials was maintained, solid brass with distinctive plating, cubic zirconias, architecturally inspired designs (most created by an industrial engineer). Lux invested in stocking inventory in the latest collections, assuring merchandise could reach retailers quickly. And just before New York Market Week, a new nOir showroom was opened around the corner from Lux at 1 West 34th Street, Ste. 204.

“I feel I am fortunate to have such great partners with a proven track record in the jewelry industry. The synergy felt right from the get go,” said Catalan. “It’s infrastructure, back end proficiency and factory relations were the right fit. Shaya and Mandy understand the nOir aesthetic and envision rebuilding nOir into a long-term brand.”

Reiter said he sees nOir not only returning to its glory from its heyday a decade ago, but expanding into more retail accounts both in the United States and abroad. “We plan to expand e-commerce capabilities and delve into private label, using the same nOir design aesthetic at more affordable pricepoints,” Reiter added.

Innovative earring treatments are part of the focus in nOir's latest collections

Innovative earring treatments are part of the focus in nOir’s latest collections

NOir will continue with its successful DC Comics license with others soon-to-be added.

Noting his company’s expanded capabilities and operations, Reiter hinted that nOir may not be the last acquisition. “We’re open and looking for opportunities,” Reiter said.


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