Experiential Retail: Pandora Creates Sensory Hive to Sell Bee-Themed Jewelry

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Pandora Shine Hive

Things are buzzing over at Pandora Jewelry, where the topic is definitely experiential retail!

Danish jewelry brand Pandora created a “sensory beehive” structure in Australia to sell its honeycomb-themed jewelry. But that’s not all. The Hive also features Humming Hubs, which not only integrate humming sounds but also emit floral scents and LED lights that emulate busy bees in a hive.

The experience was set up at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, Australia and created by Melbourne-based experiential design agency YourStudio. The sculptural golden hive was filled with metallic golden flowers that were subtly scented like real flowers, revealing new season PANDORA charms within. Immersive ‘humming hubs’ allowed visitors to place their heads inside the hive to hear the sound of bees buzzing.

It was a golden, Instagrammable moment for sure. Complete with edible gold ice-creams.

“We wanted to bring the PANDORA Shine campaign to life in a way that engages all the senses,” says Glenda Wolman, Vice President, Marketing for PANDORA in Australia and New Zealand.

“This was an exciting launch for the brand, representing the next step in the brand’s evolution. The PANDORA Shine collection, in 18k gold-plated sterling silver, takes inspiration from nature and honeybees. The Hive was the perfect way to introduce our new jewelry collection to the Australian market in an innovative and engaging way,” she says.

“We create human experiences that connect people through sharing and making memories together, this is a perfect example of this. PANDORA’s Hive is an immersive, multi-sensory installation showcasing the new PANDORA Shine collection in a really unique way,” says Danny Newman from YourStudio.

All photos by Paul McMillan 


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