Overwhelmed by Social Media? 5 Steps to a Saner Strategy

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Beltsville, MD—Ever feel like a social media misanthrope? So overwhelmed by keeping up with your Facebook news feed you’d rather starve? Is keeping cryptic in your tweets making you crow? Pinning on Pinterest gets your prickly?

(Not to mention, these social media duties are needed all the while you are supposed to be working.)

Vocus, a provider of cloud-based marketing, feels the same way. The company came up with a five-step social media plan that it claims can be done in 15 minutes each day.

1 Show Face (5 minutes)

Spend the first minute scanning your company Facebook wall to answer any new posts, comments or questions from fans and customers. Then, post an update, add a new product photo, or link to a story about something relevant to your industry. Aim for one new Facebook post per day. If you’re short of ideas, look at current events. Need to drum up business during a particularly hot week, for example? Come up with a fun Facebook coupon code (such as HEATWAVE) for any customer who gets two friends to “like” your page that week.

2 Tweet Away (4 minutes)

Do a quick search on trending news in your topic of business. Find a few stories that might be of interest to your customers or industry partners. Tweet one, and schedule a few others to be automatically sent from your Twitter account later in the day.

3 Pin It (2 minutes)

Find or upload five great images that relate to your brand and “pin” them to your Pinterest boards. Don’t overthink it. Did you recently witness a great example of customer service, like homemade cookies at the check-in desk of your hotel? Pin that photo under “Inspiration” or “Customer Service.”

4 Blog Roll (3 minutes)

Review the latest headlines of posts on the influential blogs in your industry. Setting up an RSS feed makes easy to see them all in one place. Read a few, and post comments on one or two (with your Twitter handle or website attached, if possible). This helps to make readers aware of your brand and builds your online network.

5 Give Some Gratitude (1 minute)

Did a customer rave about you on Twitter? Tweet back and say thank you. The same goes for positive reviews on Yelp! and other social media forums. Expressing gratitude humanizes your business and makes people want to be a part of your social circle. Take the time to thank customers personally and your business will grow.

Lastly, relax! One of the best solutions is to break up social media marketing into small tasks.

“Just like the sales and marketing efforts it supports, social media is all about relationships,” Vocus maintains. “The more you put into it, the more you’ll get back. Connections and brand awareness tend to have a snowball effect.”