Oakley to Launch Optically Correct 3D Glasses

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Lake Forest, CA–Those who feel silly wearing the flimsy 3D glasses handed out in 3D movies can now step up their fashion quotient. And see better too.

Oakley has developed its 3D glasses in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, using Oakley’s new HDO-3D technology. The resulting glasses will provide “unparalledled visual clarity while extending the wearer’s peripheral viewing angle and providing truer alignment of 3D images,” notes Oakley CEO Colin Baden.

As 3D movies grow in popularity in the theater and at home, a niche is being recognized. According to reports, Oakley is also pursuing partnerships with companies that produce home viewing 3D movie systems. The glasses will be sold through premium optical distribution channels.

“We are proud of this technological breakthrough, which is the result of our outstanding R&D activities and which we believe will drive the evolution of the whole category,” says Andrea Guerra, CEO of Luxottica, Oakley’s parent company.

While Luxottica’s Oakley brand claims to have the first optically correct 3D glasses in the world, other companies have joined the fray too, if not at that level of optical optimization. Australian company LOOK3D sells its Digital Designer Eyewear collection of 3D glasses and publishes a list on its website of 3D movies to see.

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