NYFW SS18 Breaking Trends: Calvin Klein, Tory Burch

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Wild West, indeed. At Calvin Klein, all-over fringe and steel-toe cowboy boots read anything but boho. Mixed with pop art elements, over-the-elbow rubber gloves and rockabilly shirts, the effect was a cocktail of American influence throughout demographics and decades. Designer Raf Simon’s calls the result: “American horror, American dreams.”

However you want to spin it, the accessories are awesome, from full-fringe bags to zip-front boots and, of course, those crazy gloves.


Burch has joined the ranks of designers who want to brand the beach. Terrycloth beach towel/blankets (that matched terrycloth caftans) came with their own leather harnesses for portability and will look amazing in the sand or on a beach chair. The jewelry was the standout, with large metal gear-like disks knotted with leather cord that cast sharp shadows on the clothing. Double skinny belts knotted with long overhang while totes and fanny packs matched ready-to-wear prints.



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