Jeremy Scott Sci Fi Trend FW18

NYFW Fall 2018 Trend: Sci-Fi Neons Burn Bright

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Sci fi is surging. Philip K. Dick might’ve written Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? back in 1968, but it continues to be a major source reference (think 2017’s Blade Runner 2, plus 2018’s Amazon Prime’s Electric Dreams and Netflix’s Altered Carbon series)

Electric visions of the future are influencing fashion and beauty in major ways, and until designers figure out a way to walk actual androids down the runway, we’ll just enjoy all the neon-colored eye shadows and hair dye (or wigs), cable jewelry, plastic coats and light-up accessories on real models. But think beyond that club kid rave party. The electric neon trend is showing up in more elegant ways too, such as a pop of hot pink shoe worn with an all-back outfit.

Jeremy Scott Sci Fi Trend FW18

Jeremy Scott. Photo: FirstView

Jeremy Scott FW18 FirstView

The neon trend is all very 80s, showing up again in ready-to-wear, plastic accessories, and neon-tipped neoprene gym bags and sneaker laces.

Jeremy Scott FW18, Fall 2018, sci-fi trend.


The moon boot is also getting a redux, and we can’t help thinking it has something to do with Elon Musk’s successful SpaceX launch. Here, they are accented with neon green platforms and laces.

Altered Carbon has been called a Blade Runner ripoff but we don’t care! All those neon lights are giving us electric dreams, and reminding us that power…as in batteries…is the true power.

Christian Cowan. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

To power up the purple neon lapel and red heart in his FW 18 fashion show, Christian Cowan featured not just a battery-powered bag, but a bag that was actually a pack of batteries!

Christian Cowan battery-bag. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

NYFW FW18 trend sci fi neons

Chromat. FirstView

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