NRF Applauds JCPenney’s Congressional Testimony on Patent Trolls

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patent_trollWashington—The NRF congratulated today JCPenney for its testimony in front of a House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee hearing on patent reform, at which JCPenney Senior Managing Counsel Diane Lettelleir testified.

According to NRF Senior Vice President for Government Relations David French,

“Patent trolls impact every segment of the United States economy, from small business owners along Main Street, be it a grocer, restaurant or retail store to technology companies. JCPenney is just one of many NRF members that has been forced to defend itself against baseless accusations and charges made by patent trolls.

“Trolls feed on fear usually delivered in the form of an overly-deceptive, misleading and vague demand letter. Typically these letters originate from unknown law firms claiming that a company infringed on a given patent and threatens that business with costly litigation if they fail to pay a settlement or fee to the troll.

“Demand letters are generally the first act in a very deliberate attempt by patent trolls to extort money from susceptible business owners who do not have the time, money or resources to fight back.

“While we applaud congressional attention to patent demand letters, NRF supports multi-faceted patent reform legislation that incorporates demand letter transparency and provides additional tools and resources to business owners to combat trolls. We look forward to working with Congress to end the patent troll business model.”


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