In Retail News, What's New by Christine Galasso

Nordstrom, whose sales increased last quarter, is cutting 106 customer service jobs nationwide, with the company insisting that the cuts are due to being too efficient to justify keeping those positions.

“We’ve made a number of investments across our business to make shopping easier and more convenient for our customers,” Nordstrom said in a statement. “One of the results of that has been a decrease in the number of customers who reach out to Customer Care for support, which has put us in the position of being overstaffed on that team.”

Still, the cuts have many wondering if Nordstrom, who is fairing well despite retail’s ongoing apocalypse, is a sign of deeper troubles or if this is part of the company’s plan to better position itself.

Among the jobs being cut are customer support specialists who help across phone, email and online chat sessions. Agents nationwide will get the axe, including some in the company’s home base of Seattle, and are being paid through April 1.

The statement went on to say, “Though these kinds of decisions are never easy, we believe this change will position us to best meet the long-term needs of our business.”