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The new year is little over a week old and statistically, we are said to break all our new years resolutions on January 6th when the magic of the holidays fades and reality sets in. However, these resolutions will be kept for the simple fact that we love shoes, bags and other accessories so much that we would love an excuse to buy some more. Who doesn’t love a resolution with no strings attached?

1. Go lower and thicker in heels

    In watching “God Bless My shoes”, shoes have been getting consistently higher since 1970’s. However, this year, we are going lower in height with thick heels, sandals and wedges being the trend. We all hate to store the stilettos but at least we can walk more comfortably.

2. Carry less with smaller handbags

Hermes Spring 2014

The days we carry the world in our bags are over, but with all in one makeup cases and our all in one cellphones, we really no longer have the need. If you are the kind that needs to carry your iPAD with you everywhere, think about the new tablet covers as purse. The same idea works with your phone case doubling as a clutch. For makeup retouches the lipstick you are wearing and an compact is all you really need.  I was surprise with the  3.1 Phillip Lim mini gusset crossbody bag from target could fit my tablet (7″), my cellphone, my Zune (MP3 player from Windows), my wallet and my makeup without even extending the zippers. A box shape helps to maximize the space. If you are the tech type like me then this is a solution for more space.

3. hair accessories are your friend

  Clips, and pins are replacing headbands this year.  So stock up on this more friendly hair accessory. Crystals and pearls are the new subjects and the more of the head it covers the better. Flowers are still in as well but instead of the large wreaths we say this past summer, we are looking at more garland looks with smaller buds in larger amounts.

So these are the accessories trends for all year and trust me these resolutions are worth keeping.

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