In What's New, Industry News by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine


Want to pitch a story, product or idea and possibly get featured in Accessories Magazine in 2017? Just make these New Year’s resolutions.

  1. When pitching a story, I will answer the basic 5W’s of journalism in my pitch: Who, What, When, Where and Why.
    We need content, you have a story for us, sounds elemental, right? The truth is, there are more stories and ideas that can fit the publishing space we have, but there are ways to up your chances of getting featured. The more information you can provide on why this is worthy of coverage in the magazine/website, the better. And the fewer follow-up questions our busy editors have, the quicker the turnaround of the story. All good things. With a rapid news cycle and daily newsletter, timing is crucial.
  2. I will tie my pitch into something timely.
    Does it relate to a hot celebrity item? Pantone’s Color of the Year? The Met’s current costume exhibit? A current Gen Z trend? Point it out! Chances are we’re already working on those themes for other stories and a timely tie-in is always helpful.
  3. When sending a press release, I will paste the copy of the release into the email text box AND attach it as a Word doc. 
    We often read pitches on our mobile phones, and downloading attachments takes extra time, data usage and patience. If the info is already the body copy, we can read it as it comes in, with no need to “mark this as unread” and come back to it later. That’s how things sometimes fall through the cracks.
  4. Send us your look books!!
    Don’t be shy! Be proactive and send your latest look books. We keep them all on file and refer to them for trend pages, story ideas, Items of the Day, social media, etc.
  5. I will label all my photos or look books with an appropriate filename.
    As a rough estimate, 80 percent of submitted images do not contain the name of the company. Naming a file with the company name and season (i.e., JewelryCompanyNameSS17.jpg) is a great idea. IMG_6781168444672105.jpg is not. Photos often get separated from the initial emails. Ditto for lookbooks. Always name the pdf with the name of your company or brand. LookbookFinal.pdf  isn’t that helpful when we’re flipping through digital folders of hundreds of look books. Also, please include contact information so editors can follow up. Don’t assume the look book will always be with its original email pitch.
  6. I will include a phone number in my email.
    Call us old school, but sometimes we like to pick up the phone and actually talk to someone (even though we’re often met with “can you please put that in an email”).
  7. (At least some of the) photos I will send will be shot on a white background.
    We get that brands love to send model images that convey a mood, season or sense of place. And we love that. But when we do a roundup across many brands, consistency is key, so a white background is essential. And our Art Department gives us the evil eye when we ask them to silhouette too many photos! On that note, quality is key. A blurry photo of some jewelry taken with your phone won’t make the cut.
  8. I will spell words correctly and use proper grammar to the best of my ability.
    We are word nerds, and—right or wrong—we have a low tolerance for bad usage. And if we haven’t had our coffee yet and we point out your typo (ahem, Your Invited), please know it’s done with love.
  9. I will not put re: in a subject line unless I am actually replying to an earlier exchange.
    We see you.
  10. I will not send a separate email asking if I can pitch an idea in another email. 
    Just do it. We have hundreds of emails already, we don’t need one more. And while you’re at it, include photos. Don’t ask in that email pitch if you can send photos in another email.BONUS
  11. I will follow up…but not stalk.
    Because editors get hundreds of emails a day and sometimes miss things, we like gentle reminders. But don’t go crazy.