New App to Allow Shopping from TV, Movies

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CEO Chris Palmer

CEO Chris Palmer

Gussy, a new app from Contra Software, will allow cell phone users to shop for apparel and accessories they’ve just seen on movie or television, according to a recent report in the Kansas City Business Journal.

The app is expected to launched in the third quarter of 2016.

Gussy will allow users to search by scene without knowing the designer or brand name, and then purchase the item.

The hitch?

Gussy will only work with shows where the costume designer has used Wardy software, since the new app builds on last year’s launch of an app for costume designers from Wardy, a tech firm based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri that is a division of Contra Software.

“When I first started getting into this, one of the things I thought was ‘I can’t be the first one to come up with this, right? There has to be something about the industry I don’t understand.’ But that wasn’t necessarily the case,” Wardy CEO Chris Palmer said last year. “Because of the changes that are going on with HBO, Netflix and Amazon creating original content, it’s kind of like the Wild West. We see a significant opportunity to get in on the ground floor and get our software into that space early.”

According to company reports, Wardy current has about 350 users, including Kansas City native Jenny Eagan, a costumer designer for such productions as True DetectiveNo Country for Old Men and Catch Me If You Can.

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