Neiman Marcus’ Ken Downing Picks His Top 9 Items from Fashion Month

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Accessories caught up with Ken Downing, Senior Vice President and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, to uncover his favorite finds at Fashion Month. Always one for the best sound byte and fashion edit, his picks are below:


Dries Van Noten. FirstView

“I’m crazy for colorful crystals for the coming season! I loved them best at Dries Van Noten dripping and dangling with crystal fringes from the ear, especially asymmetrically!”

Dries Van Noten. FirstView

Dries Van Noten. FirstView

“Crystals as brooches creating a clasp on jackets and tops.”


Prada. FirstView

“Prada’s New Wave of decorated and embellished handbags are a must-have for adding a Punk spirit to Spring accessories”


“As hemlines go up, so does the favored footwear on many runways. The boot, best when decorated and adorned stole the show on the best catwalks around the globe! This season, the boot transcends trend and seasons making the scene for what’s hot for Spring.”

Saint Laurent. FirstView

“Saint Laurent takes the flight of fancy with the feather in black or white. This boot knows no time of day and looks great 24/7, 365 days a year.”

Versace. FirstView

“At Versace, jewel-embellished Maltese crosses are over-the-top and opulent on boots that are as much art are they are fashion.”

Balenciaga. FirstView

“Punked-Up and New Wave is all the rage! The exaggerated spiked stiletto at Balenciaga takes sexy to the edge!

Prada. FirstView

“Prada’s perfected Punked-Up kitten heels are not only New Wave, they are the next wave of what’s cool for the coming season.”

“At Chloe, the America Western is a boot at its best! It takes the cowboy boot out of the plains and into the city.”

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