‘You Need to be Everywhere’: Why Fashion Brands are Rolling out Vending Machines

In The Daily Scoop by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Fashion brands have started adding vending machines to their sales channel mix, which has been good for stirring up PR. Though many have proved nothing more than marketing gimmicks, some have emerged as valuable retail outlets. The difference: The machine’s location and the styles it houses. In mid December, fine jewelry designer Marla Aaron debuted her first vending machine, at New York’s Brooklyn Museum. It features seven of her signature sterling silver and gold chains and lock pendants, ranging in price from $100-$1,500. So far, she said, it’s served some customers well, including one shopper who found himself in a bind on Christmas Eve. “All of the jewelry stores had closed, so he hit the museum after a desperate search on our website.” Read more at Glossy

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