MightyGoods Study: Handbag Prices Around the World

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Travel authority MightyGoods has just released a survey compiling handbag prices from 24 different countries. The results, created by checking Google Shopping Ads using proxies for each county, ranged from expected to quite surprising.

No shock here: The study revealed that women (and men) pay the most for a new handbag in the U.S., with an average cost of $313. That’s 14.2% more than country number 2, Japan, where the average price is $269. Russian women, however, were willing to pay the most out of their salary for a new handbag, spending on average a staggering 22% of their monthly salary before tax. On average, women in the 24 countries are willing to pay 4.1% of the average salary before tax for a new handbag.

Additionally, the lowest average price for a new handbag is in India ($7.22), so people in United States pay 43 times more for a new handbag than people in India (the price of the average handbag in the United States is 4347% higher than the average handbag price in India).

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