Marimekko x Target Failed to Set off Insane Shopping Frenzy

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TargetThe Marimekko x Target limited edition collection launched this past Sunday, April 17th, and it did just fine. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, maybe the 1,800-store retailer/e-tailer has found the balance between rolling out buzzy new collections and pissing off customers who can’t actually buy them due to instantly sold out supply.

The media, however, is making much about the point that the Finnish collaboration didn’t sell out, crash servers or create Black Friday-like crowds. It also failed to unleash a string of social media backlash from consumers with empty shopping carts–virtual or otherwise–like those for last year’s Lilly Pulitzer or 2011’s Missoni collaborations.

“These collaborations are not intended to sell out in one day,” Target spokesman Joshua Thomas said Sunday, indicating that the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration was rare.

marimekkko x target

After learning its lesson when frustrated Missoni customers threatened to boycott Target when their orders were delayed, or when social media exploded with irate Lilly Pulitzer customers, the retailer upped its game to manage these collaborations, overhauling its website to accommodate sales surges.

So, with about 50 of the 200 Marimekko x Target items sold out online by noon on launch day, and more slowly selling out, maybe Target is finding the right groove.

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