Marchon Keeps an Eye on Those Who Make a Difference

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Shay Kelley of Project 50/50 whose face and charitable contributions are featured in Marchon's Eye Make A Difference Campaign

Melville, NY—Marchon has an eye out for you. That is, if you are a person who is making a difference in the world, helping others.

It’s all part of the company’s “Eye Make A Difference Campaign,” which asks people if they—or someone they know—is making a difference in the world. Nominees are considered and some of them will be featured in Marchon’s Eye Make A Difference Campaign. Their images and stories are featured on the company’s Eye Make A Difference webpage and on posters, counter cards and other POP materials available to Marchon retailers.

“These are real people doing extraordinary things through charitable groups or personal organizations and Marchon is trying to help them spread their message,” says Claudio Gottardi, Marchon’s president/ceo.

Some of the initial people featured include Shay Kelley of Project 50/50 who travels 50 states in 50 weeks helping with homeless shelters; Dr. Gerald D’Aversa and his daughter, who founded United for Sight, an organization that provides sight restorative care to peoples in impoverished nations, and Michael Wenger, founder of OpenAction, which brings education and other opportunities to children in West Africa.

In addition, Marchon donated $10,000 to each charity associated with the real people featured in the campaign.

Anyone can make a difference by donating gently used eywear that will be recycled to those around the world in need.

The Eye Make A Difference campaign also asks everyone to make a contribution by donating “gently used eyewear” at Marchon’s retailers. Each donated frame will be refurbished and distributed to an estimated one billion people worldwide who can’t afford or don’t have access to eyewear.

“With the addition of an eyewear donation component to our established charity program, we are able to create a more direct way for everyone to make a difference,” Gottardi adds.

Each donated prescription frame is refurbished through the Folsom Project for the Visually Impaired and boxed to await optometrists and other health care professionals during sight-related international mission trips.

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