Why The Mallpocalypse Hasn’t Come For The Mall Of America

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When The Mall of America opened 25 years ago this week, the media panned it as a really dumb idea. For one, they said, it was too much a gimmick. The biggest mall in America — the size of five Yankee Stadiums — came with nightclubs, a medical supply store, and an amusement park with a roller coaster and log flume. Beyond that, it was pending financial disaster. The Los Angeles Times called the convergence of attractions and retail a “risky mix” and a “carnival approach;” The Washington Post posited that The Mall would be a lose-lose for itself and existing local retail; The New York Times doubted the worth of a “monster mall in the middle of a recession.” Over time, however, it’s only doubled down on this perceived fault: The Mall has since been host to a subterranean aquarium, a budget wedding chapel, hotels, office buildings, a community college, a high school, a clinic, a place that only sells cheese from Wisconsin, a Prince retrospective, and the excellently named MinneNAPolis, a sort of sleeping station where you could rent a bed by the minute that venture only survived a few months. Read more at Refinery 29.

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