Maiyet Launches Maiyet Collective of Sustainable Brands

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Maiyet Collective

Maiyet has made a name for itself with its 7-year-old sustainable luxury fashion brand and 4-year-old retail space in Soho, but it’s decided to spread the love. It recently launched the Maiyet Collective at its store, and starting in 2018, in London as well. While Maiyet will continue to sell its eponymous ethically sourced and sustainable products, it has added a curated assortment from three like-minded brand partners: Raven + Lily, VOZ and Stae. Additionally, synergistic brands will be rotated into the Crosby Street store starting with Article 22, Catzorange, Lois London, Koja and Yosuzi.

“We have always believed in collaboration and over the past year—both in New York and our Concept Store in London—we have worked with close to a dozen different brands to offer our customers a wide range of products including ready-to-wear, bags, shoes, jewelry, beauty, hats, eyewear, books, flowers and even food,” said Paul van Zyl, Maiyet, CEO. “We will also present talks by industry leaders on trends within ethical fashion to encourage discussion and the sharing of ideas on this rapidly evolving field.”

Recently, Accessories magazine popped down to the gorgeous store to check out the Article 22 jewelry presentation and meet designer Elizabeth Suda as well as model/activist/designer Angela Lindvall, who is the face of the brand. Lindvall was instrumental in creating the Peace Begins with Me capsule. Overall, Article 22 “buys back the bombs” with its Peace is the Bomb tagline, turning undetonated land mines and bombs in Laos into beautiful jewelry, all while giving back to those local communities.

Maiyet Collective

Article 22 jewelry

The Peace Begins with Me capsule focuses on sacred geometry.  “These geometries are the basis of our existence and spreads the message that we can change the world together if we start with ourselves,” says Lindvall. Indeed, many of the items have geometric latticework overlaid on pieces inscribed with: I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT, I AM PEACE.

From left: Elizabeth Suda, Article 22; Model/Activist/Designer Angela Lindvall; Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Upon visiting the Maiyet Collective, it’s quickly apparent that tall the brands give back to international communities. There’s a loom in one corner with photos of indigenous women. Lindvall, who is also the brand ambassador for the Voz sustainable knitwear brand, actually gets emotional when describing her trip visiting the creators of the line—the Mapuche women in Chile. The experience is chronicled in a recent Vogue article and shows how remote the area is. “Mapuche means ‘people of the Earth’ and weaving is their lineage. These ancient techniques with all their symbolism have been passed down among the women for generations and when I went, they just hugged me and I just felt so enveloped by the history and tradition of it all.”

Maiyet Collective

A selection of sustainable accessories at Maiyet Collective.

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