MAD Museum Hosts Workshop on Charmed Symbolism

In What's New, Industry News by Lauren Parker

New York–Feel like making your own evil eye charm or other personal talisman? Or just want to learn more about these ancient symbols that ostensibly ward off evil spirits?

Now’s your chance. The MAD Museum (Museum of Arts and Design) in New York is hosting a workshop called Charmed Symbolism from the Mastons to the Occult on Saturday, April 13, at 1 p.m.

At this hands-on workshop, students will “explore symbolic jewelry, ranging from charmed talismans to the secretive, coded jewelry of esoteric societies.” They will create pendants and craft their own wearable symbols, using a variety of sculpting materials and found materials.

Charmed Symbolism from the Masons to the Occult reveals this rich and clever method of communicating secret codes and enriching powers.

To purchase tickets and explore other workshops in the Beyond the Third Eye: Workshops in Metaphysical Jewelry series, click here.


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