Lost Mitten Club

‘Lost Mitten Club” Solves a Problem Single Handedly

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Lost Mitten Club

Lost Mitten Club

Dodgeville, WI—During the season when we travel over the river and through the woods, we sometimes lose a single glove or mitten in the course of our holiday travels. It’s a frustrating, freezing and often costly problem, too. You usually wind up buying another pair and tossing the remaining “widow” glove.

Land’s End, the direct retailer which owned by Sears Holdings, established the Lost Mitten Club to give a single handed solution to the missing glove and mitten problem.

The Club allows shoppers to purchase a single mitten or glove at half the price of a pair and receive free shipping.

A Match Made In Heaven

“Our Lost Mitten Club is one of the problem-solving services that we offer our customers,” said Annie Short, Lands’ End outerwear merchant. “We originally launched this program just for kids; however, parents continually asked if they could be included too. It has been a huge success and we’re thrilled to share the warmth with our customers and ease the dilemma of losing a mitten.”

Those who have lost a mitten or glove can simply find the replacement in a current catalog or at landsend.com. If the mitten or glove is in stock, consumers can purchase it for half of the pair price. All Lost Mitten Club purchases are shipped to customers free of charge.

A simply concept that make sense when consumers are watching their holiday spending budgets. And not a bad idea for other accessories retailers either.

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