When Lord & Taylor Met Walmart

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An unlikely pair, to say the least, Lord & Taylor has teamed up with Walmart to launch an e-commerce “flagship” on walmart.com, which will debut in spring 2018. The move is a strike back against Amazon’s recent strides in luxury fashion.

“Our goal is to create a premium fashion destination on Walmart.com,” said Denise Incandela, Head of Fashion, Walmart U.S. eCommerce, in a company release. “We see customers on our site searching for higher-end items, and we are expanding our business online to focus on adding specialized and premium shopping experiences, starting with fashion. We’re excited that Lord & Taylor is part of the team we’re working with as we continue to create a new Walmart.com.”

Meanwhile, Walmart is working to revamp its site to highlight premium home and fashion offerings, adding elements of discovery and inspiration. Part of that experience is the Lord & Taylor dedicated store, aiming to expand the reach of both chains.

“As retail continues to change, this flagship store creates enormous growth opportunities for Lord & Taylor and our brand partners,” said Liz Rodbell, President of Lord & Taylor. “Our customers trust us to deliver high-quality fashion apparel and accessories, and we will soon be able to extend the reach of that offering to new customers through this flagship store. Walmart.com is a shopping destination that reaches a wide base of customers looking for premium fashion brands. They are a great company for us to work with as we continue to grow our digital presence.”

Over the past year, Walmart has aggressively expanded its online assortment. Walmart.com currently offers more than 60 million items on the site, compared to 20 million items last year. At the same time, Lord & Taylor continues to evolve its department store model, combining brick and mortar locations with online destinations for an all-channel experience.

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