Limited Brands Adopts Temporary Name Change

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Limited Brands will be known temporarily as "L Brands"

Limited Brands will be known temporarily as “L Brands”

Columbus, OH—Springtime is known as time to renew and refresh so maybe that explains recent corporate name changes.

Last Friday, PPR, the Paris-based luxury and sports brands conglomerate, confirmed it would be changing names to “Kering.”

And today, Limited Brands, parent to Victoria’s Secret and Henri Bendel, announced it would be adopting a temporary name change—as “L Brands.”

The company effected its name change by merging a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company into the parent. It did not disclose further details about the structure of the existing company. The merger did not require stockholder approval and the ticker symbol (LTD) will remain the same.

Much like Kering, L Brands is seeking a name that better reflects its business. The “Limited” in its name refers to Limited Stores, LLC, which was sold to private equity firm, Sun Capital Partners Inc., in 2010. So “Limited” Brands didn’t accurately reflect the company’s current holdings anymore.

L Brands intends to announce its permanent name in the next few months.


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