Alex Woo x The Incredibles 2

Licensing: Alex Woo x Pixar’s “The Incredibles”

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Alex Woo x The Incredibles 2

Can jewelry be incredible? Sure can!

Jewelry designer Alex Woo, who has a long history of Disney and other licenses, has teamed up with Pixar yet again for a collection of Incredibles 2 jewelry. The Incredibles 2 is centered around a family of superheros trying to balance domestic life and “have it all.” When the mom, (aka ElastiGirl), is asked to go on a faraway mission, Bob (Mr. Incredible) is left to look after their three children. While ElastiGirl fulfills her crime-fighting dreams, she can’t leave her familial guilt behind.

Available in sterling silver and 14kt gold (starting at $48), the collection consists of:

“Incredibles” Icon – inspired by the Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles symbol you see on the Edna Mode designed outfits of our favorite Superhero Family.
Powerburst Icon – designed to bring some power and spark to your life.
Mini Addition Mask – a small, yet powerful reminder that we can can all be a hero in someone’s life *also will be available in black enamel.
PowerMom – last but not least, inspired by superhero mom “ElastiGirl”, this Power Mom necklace is designed for all the moms who accomplish the impossible every day.

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