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Leading Jeweler on How to Market to Today’s Bride

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Peridot Fine Jewelry

Dawn Hendricks says stacking bands is trending in bridal. Image courtesy of Peridot Fine Jewelry

It’s engagement season! That means a new influx of to-be brides (including this writer) will be seeking accessories and jewelry to accompany their big day. Most importantly? The wedding band. With more and more brides choosing less-traditional looks, jewelry store owners who may not typically be in the “fine jewelry” category can market to this group. We asked Dawn Hendricks, owner of Peridot Fine Jewelry in Larchmont, NY, to weigh in on what today’s bride is looking for and where to find them.

What are new brides looking for in bands today?

New brides are always looking for wedding bands that fit well and are comfortable—whether traditional or alternative. Brides are sensible! They know they will be wearing their ring all day every day.

When brides are deciding between traditional or alternative bands, they often base their decision on their engagement ring. A trend I’ve seen are diamond micro pavé bands, which are easy to stack. Clients often will get one for their wedding and another band down the line as an anniversary present. Stacking is in style, and I expect it to stay!

Image courtesy of Peridot Fine Jewelry

How can jewelry stores scope out the latest trends in bands?

Pinterest boards! Jewelry stores can hone in on trends through bridal Pinterest boards. Brides almost always come in with pictures of what they like, so stores should pay attention to what styles are popular on Pinterest, what is trending on the site and what women are consistently asking for.

What are some options non-fine-jewelry stores can present for brides on a budget?

If you’re on a budget, there are still a lot of options to get natural diamonds. A trending and quite popular option is to go with a slightly smaller center stone and enhance it with a diamond halo setting. The setting you choose is everything, and there are ways to design a beautiful ring with natural diamonds that hold their value for years and years.

What other jewelry and accessories can be marketed to brides?

From earrings and belts to other accessories, brides always want diamonds. However, it’s well known that most brides would rather put more into their ring than an accessory. Bridal accessories tend to be borrowed from friends or passed down from family members.

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