Latest Holiday Shopping Phenomenon: “Mobile Eve”

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Affluents Mobile ShoppingNew York—Thanks to the rise of mobile commerce, another landmark date is being added to retail holiday calendars: Mobile Eve.

In a research report released today xAd, the global mobile-location ad platform, retail-related mobile search activity surges on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), with 24% more mobile search activity than even Black Friday as last-minute shoppers scramble to locate nearby stores that are still open.

The growth of mobile devices from smartphones to tablets allows consumers to research, locate and sometimes even purchase nearly anything they desire immediately and on the go. However, this ease-of-access via smartphones leads to purchase procrastination, increasing last-minute shopping activity—especially during the holiday season.

Rise in Procrastination

Data from xAd’s mobile-location platform reveals that while Black Friday activity on mobile devices is still significant, the greater emphasis on last-minute retail shopping on gift-giving holidays like Christmas prompts even more retail search activity on mobile phones.

Mobile search activity ramps up just three days before Christmas, with mobile activity levels similar to Black Friday, according to xAd. Then, on Christmas Eve, last-minute needs reach a fever pitch.

“’Mobile Eve’ is a phenomenon that has not been extensively researched or discussed, however, as our data reveals, is a massive opportunity for retailers,” said Monica Ho, vice president of marketing at xAd. “Because ‘Mobile Eve’ demonstrates user preference in finding and visiting physical storefronts, retailers can take advantage of this opportunity to reach retail procrastinators and drive them in-store. This also provides retailers one last chance to increase marketing share-of-voice and year-end revenue.”

While the last minute trends experienced during Mobile Eve are naturally more extreme due to the sheer volume of dollars being spent during the holiday season, other major retail holidays demonstrate similar procrastination activity–eased by the use of mobile search via smartphones.

Earlier this year, xAd released reports documenting mobile search activity found on our platform during Mother’s Day and Halloween, both of which illustrated a spike in mobile-related interest in the days leading up to the actual holiday.






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