Lady Gaga to Do Hat Internship with Treacy

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Lady Gaga arriving at JFK airport Thursday night

London—Philip Treacy, the British hat designer responsible for some of the outré—some would say monstrous—hat designs at this year’s Royal Wedding, told the Guardian this week that he has a new intern: Lady Gaga.

Confirming rumors—which actually surfaced more than a year ago—that pop songstress, a lover of his outrageous hats, is going to be an intern with hin, Treacy said. “She plans to. She’s already visited me.”

Monster Style

But with her tour schedule and the fact Gaga arrived in New York on Thursday, no word yet when Gaga might take her turn at Treacy’s millinery workshop.

But according to the hat designer, Gaga and her retinue came by.

“This is what happened: one Monday morning, four burly bodyguards arrived–Lady Gaga’s security team–to check out the security of the building. I looked at them as if to say: what?! Who is going to take a pot shot at Lady Gaga?”

“Anyway, she is young, talented and peculiar–which I like. The Brit awards were the next night and she said to her people–I loved this–‘Can somebody buy me some brown underwear for tomorrow?’

Treacy is no stranger to pot shots himself. The pink hat he designed for Princess Beatrice to wear at William and Kate’s wedding (pejoratively described as a turkey twizzler, lavatory seat, pretzel etc.) was nearly universally panned.

“I felt hurt for her (Princess Beatrice),” Treacy said. “She is only 22 and there was a little bit of bullying going on. I didn’t give a f— about 140,000 bloggers. In the future, we’ll look back and think she looked wild.”

Never one to shy away from controversy, Lady Gaga may just be a match made in heaven for Treacy.

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