Kangol Launches Headphones Hat

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Cleator, UK–Not that wearing your overized DJ headphone isn’t still cool, because last time we checked it still was, but here’s something a bit more subtle.

British hat company Kangol has just teamed up with the headphone company AERIAL7 for a line of collaborative hats with headphones seamlessly built in. This eliminates bulk and offers a more sleek option yet still with a fashionable twist. The headphones are compatible with audio devices like iPods as well as Blackberries and other smart phones. 

Retail prices range from $72 to $110.

About Kangol:

Established in Cumbria, England and adopted by the trailblazers of hip-hop in New York, Kangol takes the best of British heritage and retro flavor and mixes it with tomorrow’s future fashion.

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