Jewelry to Get a Starring Role at Local Celebrity

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Local Celebrity T-shirt style

Los Angeles—If you’re going to be wearing a stylish T-shirt, why not promote yourself rather than some celebrity or famous brand?

That’s the premise behind Local Celebrity, the graphic T-shirt brand launched in 2003 that ironically has become a celebrity favorite for its tongue-in-cheek and kitschy slogans and designs—all “produced 100% from scratch by us here in L.A.”

Now the company is taking that same insouciance into its first license: a new collection of fashion jewelry.

Comprised of about 30 styles, Local Celebrity Jewelry uses gold- or silver-plated rings, necklaces and earrings to express one-liners such as “Call My Agent”, “Jesus Saves”, “Welcome NYC –Now Go Home” or “Whatever.” Like its T-shirts, the jewelry’s messages are designed to “make passers by crack a smile.”

And like some of the provocative T-shirt designs, Local Celebrity jewelry also includes messages that “push the boundaries” or use Internet slang and “textisms.”

"Whatever" necklace, retail: $24.99

A longtime fan of the brand, jewelry designer Todd Rosen of MTM approached Local Celebrity about a jewelry license because he believe their graphics and style would translate well to jewelry. Using 3D imaging MTM converted Local Celebrity’s graphic artwork into jewelry and incorporated semiprecious stones to add more character.

Like most of the T-shirts, the jewelry will retail under $30 and be available staring in October through specialty stores and department stores and online at:

"Welcome to New York Now Go Home" necklace, retail: $30




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