Item of the Day: Zenzii Pendants

In Item of the Day, What's New by Lauren Parker

Zenzii With “China: Through the Looking Glass” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and all those amazing Chinese-inspired fashions on the Met Gala’s red carpet, can you blame us for being a bit obsessed with anything even remotely China-inspired these days?

No wonder we are loving these pendants by Zenzii–the newest addition to the company’s bold, colorful and lightweight resin collection–which here feature a Chinese character and traditional long metal fringe tassel.

“The design is derived from a very old, traditional Chinese character that embraces several meanings–happiness, longevity and blessing,” says Shawn Li, founder/owner of Zenzii. “It’s a very powerful word in Chinese and Asian culture overall, too.”

While the Atlanta-based Zenzii is owned and run by Shawn and Jenny Li, who do hail from China, these are the only Zenzii pieces that hark back to their personal heritage.

The rest? The most up-to-date trend jewelry in the industry, from mixed metal pieces to intricate beaded statement necks. But if one item happens to be Chinese-inspired, well, we’ll gladly thank the Met for that!

Retail: $29.50, each.

Zenzii just opened a New York showroom at 366 Fifth Avenue, suite 701.