Item of the Day: Tomas Brilliance

In Item of the Day, What's New by Jeff Prine

pelhamIconic handbag styles such as the Hermes Birkin or the Chanel quilted have become instantly recognizable. But the French aren’t the only ones to lay claim to iconic silhouettes. Just across the channel in the United Kingdom, iconic shapes include Mulberry’s Bayswater and the Cambridge Satchel.

Now another UK-based designer is claiming to have the next “it” bag: Tomas Mfita of Tomas Brilliance. It’s known as the Pelham Bag, which is hand crafted in the East End of London by a team of six with years of experience using high level of hand crafting techniques to produce The Pelham handbag.

“The Pelham tote bag is a part of my journey it tells a story of my brand and who I am and where I’ve come from,” the designer says. “While working as a postman the areas I covered where South Kensington, Chelsea and other prestigious London postcodes. The Inspiration of the Pelham bag came from Pelham Crescent in Chelsea it’s a street that’s full of history and heritage which inspired me to create the Pelham Tote handbag. The aspirational design of the Pelham Bag came from the envelopes and packages I was delivering.”

Truly a special delivery.

Retail: $600