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classic_white_nsA Switzerland-based startup is taking its technology to Brooklyn with the launch of Stop the Time by What? Watch, a new data-driven device that promises to record all of your significant life events with the click of a little red button.

Labelled as “an anti-smartwatch,” the design team behind Stop the Time have created a piece of wearable tech that resembles a classic time piece, functioning on both analog and digital platforms with separate batteries operating each.

While most of us imagine a red button as a symbol for danger, a DO NOT TOUCH ME sign reminiscent of nuclear activators or panic rooms, the What? Watch has reworked the trope into a time-stopping device. Put simply, the wearer of the watch will be obliged to press the red button whenever a significant life-event occurs. The watch will then send a Bluetooth signal to a designated cellphone app, allowing users to upload images, add text, and share stories surrounding said life-event.

Like a high-tech diary, the Stop the Time Watch promises to record all of your life events, allowing the user to catalog their life story, eliminating future arguments surrounding the date of your two month anniversary or that time your son got stuck on the roof.

While this notion of data-driven storytelling is not necessarily novel, (ever heard of Facebook?), the incorporation of timely technology to a device that appears to be nothing more than a classic wrist-watch is clever.

With a brick and mortar store opening in Brooklyn this fall, you can count on seeing more than a few tech nerds wandering through Williamsburg, touching their little red buttons from time to time.

Retail: $169

–Taylore Scarabelli

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