Item of the Day: Sporteez

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sporteezbasketballTake them out to the ball game.

When Diana Wright, founder of the revolutionary Pulleez, the elastic hair band, was busy selling at the Dallas Trade Mart last year, a funny thing happened.

“We added a sports collection because we had been inundated with requests from retailers for a sports-themed Pulleez. We then had an event on Zulily where we included prototypes of baseball charms and they sold out faster than all of our other styles–something that truly surprised me since women don’t play baseball,” recalls Wright. “After a little research I discovered that women’s sports merchandise is among the fastest growing segments of the retail industry.”

By the end of the next week Wright had pulled together Sporteez, that is Pulleez with sports-themed charms. The first inning includes baseball, tennis and basketball. “In January we will add our football, soccer and golf Sporteez to the line.”

SPORTEEZ Glam Slam tennis S2-2PK-S-2On Friday, Sporteez will be launching on The Grommet and the Pulleez website.

Wright expects a home run.

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