Sailormade Brummel

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Sailormade Brummel

If you love sailing, or even just the wind in your hair as you sit on the beach and watch the boats, Sailormade accessories are for you. Based in Boston, Sailormade stems from a family business with four generations manufacturing brass hardware. In 2015, Bridget Harriss combined her family’s company with her design background and nostalgia from her coastal childhood to create Sailormade, a line for both men and women.

Pieces are cast in brass, stainless steel, and sterling silver and paired with materials such as rope, leather, canvas, and more. Sailormade is most recognized for its Brummel Clip (aka Inglefield Clip).  Invented in the early 1890’s by Lieutenant Edward Inglefield, these clips were used to quickly attach and raise signal flags and were standard issue to the British Royal Navy.

“Growing up in Massachusetts no time was better spent than endless summer days on the Cape,” said Bridget Harriss. “I want my collection to call on these memories. If you can’t getaway for the weekend you can getaway in a daydream.”

Pick your favorite #journey. Tough question…we know😝

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