Item of the Day: Nina Nguyen Interchangeable Earrings

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Sometimes women want to mix things up a bit. Literally.

These earrings by jewelry designer Nina Nguyen are completely modular, meaning wearers can create their own pieces, even reversing them for an asymmetrical feel. Don’t want such a linear design? Just unhook the bottom pieces and go for a simple drop.Nina Nguyen

Nina Nguyen

“As a designer, I am fortunate to have access to an incredible amount of exceptional gemstones.  Over the last few years, as fashion trends have evolved into a more relaxed and natural style, I’ve really enjoyed being able to mix and match shapes and colors that create a uniquely organic look,” says Nina Nguyen.

“While designing my new collection this past season, I thought my customers should be able to enjoy the same process; I want them to be able to connect with their jewelry by personalizing through their own design aesthetic.”

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