Item of the Day: Millianna Feathered Jewelry

In Item of the Day, What's New by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Those who spent the July 4th weekend running around in flip flops should know that there’s a simple way to dress them up: Millianna’s feathered leather wraps.

This pair of ostrich feathered jewelry on deerskin ties offer trend, elegance and lots of versatility. Tie them around wrists for flouncy “cuffs,” wrap them around ankles to update simple shoes (or around bare feet for that fancy beach wedding), or wear one around the neck as a feathered choker.

Feathers measure¬†approximately 5″; deerskin measures 28″. They feel flirty and fun, and are Boomerang ready for Instagram!

Each set of two retails for $98.

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