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MCM cassette collection
If you’re old enough to remember making mix tapes in middle and high school, go grab your reading glasses for the rest of this post. We’ll wait…

For everyone else, step back in time to the 70s, 80s and even 90s, where making a mix tape for a crush was the ultimate way to profess (pre)teen love. Not only were songs lovingly curated, assembled and recorded (and re-recorded) to find that perfect in between song pause length, but song names were actually written on the cassette case BY HAND. It’s enough to make your head explode. Luckily, leathergoods brand MCM is giving us all the feels with its new Cassette collection.

In celebration of MCM’s legendary relationship with all genres of music, the Cassette series actually goes beyond cassettes, also featuring iconic images of records and old school mixing boards in various accessories styles.

MCM Cassette Tape Collection

Prices for the bags start at $230 for a card case charm and reaching up to $1,390 for the crossbody, but one can’t put a price on music nostalgia. Besides, these bags might just be the perfect item for guys to gift to that high school crush from yesteryear. MCM Cassette Tape Collection

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