Item of the Day: Mathematics NYC Hidden Message Jewelry

In Item of the Day, What's New by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Beth-Macri-Hidden-Message-Necklace-gold-vermeil-IheartU-pendants-shown&hiddenCan steel i-beams be fashionable? Just ask former structural engineer Beth Macri, who worked 8 years as a structural engineer designing bridges and high-end architecture in London and New York, including the High Line, before becoming a jewelry designer.

Her sterling silver and 14K gold jewelry features hidden messages that add an amazing touch. Pendant necklaces look like i-beams, but if you turn them sideways they have hidden messages! The website, not to mention experiential retailer STORY, features the brand’s Custom Necklace Builder, where a customer can see lifelike renderings as they design their necklaces.

The collection features letters, numbers, zodiac signs, and a variety of symbols (💀,❤,etc.) to make a personal necklace. Prices for sterling silver start at $135 USD and 14k gold and diamond jewelry begins at $575.

So start building! Even if you’re not an engineer!

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