Item of the Day: Beq Pettina’s “Daily Diamonds”

In Item of the Day, What's New by Jeff Prine

dailydiamond2Fireworks flare, glisten and twinkle in the sky as millions watch them Saturday on July 4. But we’d like more than a glisten, how about a real sparkle every day?

That’s the premise behind Beq Pettina’s “Daily Diamond” bracelet created for everyday wear and a lot cheaper than a diamond line bracelet. The diamond is 0.07 ct (in a 10K gold setting) and the cord is a carefully handmade 100% silk thread called “kumihimo”, which is a Japanese form of braid-making. Kumihimo was first used by Samurai as both functional and decorative way, and now most commonly used for the “obi” sash part of kimonos.

Like many of her designs Beq Pettina uses unusual materials sourced in Japan which are different and high quality. (The Beq Pettina teams are located both in New York and in Tokyo, Japan and everything is carefully handmade in Japan.)

dailydiamond3These Daily Diamond cords come in variety of colors. Its daintiness allows layering with other bracelets (hey red/white/blue!) or on its own.

Either way, your heart will be beating faster and not just because of bursting fireworks.

Retail: $310

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